Friday, 20 March 2015

Let them get bored

You must have noticed that there are a little bit less art and crafts projects on the blog. Well, this is not because the kids got fed up with them. It is more because Mathilda knows better what she wants to do once we make something and then she wants to lead. I try not to interfere because this is after all what I want to teach her - to be creative, to stay creative, to like being creative.

But... there are moments and they also happen quite often when she out of laziness asks me to tell her what to do. This is something I do not want to. It is no harm from time to time, but I had a feeling that it was happening too often. Sometimes in those moments I fill an empty box with various materials and say that this is a box full of surprises and she can use whatever she wants. At the pictures you can see few projects that she made out of those surprise projects.

And sometimes I just let her get bored.

Friday, 13 March 2015

green St. Patrick's cake with matcha and shamrock and welcoming spring

The green island will get even greener next week. Who is up for a green cake? Not entirely Irish one though as we used matcha tea to make it green. It may happen that next year we will choose locally harvested sea lettuce. The cake was to a lovely recipe found at vintage mixer. For the idea how to make the shamrocks on top please have a look here.

Meanwhile we are trying to tempt spring with our spring decoration. In Poland there is a tradition of greeting guests with bread and salt. Oh, we broke it by choosing sequins, beads and pompoms. Hopefully it will work.

Green, greener, the greenest!

Friday, 13 February 2015

Two wolves, my garden and so much going on

There is so much going on here at the moment. It might be that I'll be away from the blog for two weeks or so. I'm not sure yet, but wanted to tell you that my home garden is starting to exist again after the winter. It's so uplifting to see the fresh greens.

I also very much wanted to share one of my findings with you. Those of you who live in the US might be familiar with this Cherokee legend but I read it few weeks ago for the first time and cannot stop thinking about it since. You can read it here - Two Wolves. I'm not a born optimist - a pessimist, sceptic and critical thinker rather. This story however is so simple and so... logical that I can only accept it and be inspired by it. Even if I don't want to feed the 'positive' wolf, why not stop feeding the 'negative' one? And now science is starting to catch up with the legends :)

Saturday, 7 February 2015

St. Valentine's cards made of recycled materials

Do you know Charlie and Lola? I've always liked the stories and pictures by Lauren Child. I'm sure that you will recognize the hearts. We cut the little tear shaped pieces out of used packaging.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

An upcycled t-shirt into last-minute napkins for Valentine's day... and so much more

Well, it's not that one would necessary need napkins for Valentine's day but the post title space is not enough to describe all possible applications of an upcycled t-shirt. I wanted to use the heart symbol and therefore made napkins for the whole family. The napkins can turn into bed linen for a doll, a cloth, wrapping fabric and so on. When Mathilda was a little girl (as if she was big now...) she loved to play with cloths - with my glass cleaning cloths to be precise - exercising her imagination in all possible ways. She never gave them back to me.

Why not try it out? Those last-minute napkins & co. are very easy to make.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Lavender shortbreads - the cookies that divided the family

Today I would like to invite you to try something different - the cookies that divided the family. Myself and Hugo enjoy them, whereas dad and Mathilda don't want to taste... soap. When did it happen that we categorized the plants? These ones are for eating, those ones for drinking and the other ones for cosmetic use.


Friday, 23 January 2015

The books about animals

I got my first animal book when I was ten. The one that you can see on the pictures below belongs to my sister. She must have gotten hers around the same age as this is the time of the First Communion in Poland. Yes, one used to receive as a gift a tiny paper extract of what is today called Wikipedia. But it did its job - so many home works that I made peeking into this book.

The bird atlas must have appeared in our house at around the same time. I was browsing through this book countless times. An amateur ornithologist (and it stayed this way).

Hugo got his first animal book with two and since few months he has practically been physically attached to it. He would love to take it to the creche with him but as I can see him pestering his teacher the answer is "no". There is also a "book test" for every person who comes to visit us. You browse through the whole atlas saying what is your favourite bacteria, plant, mushroom or animal on every page - count 300 - and only then you can be his friend.

This is how memories are being created.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Gratitude journal

Mathilda saying thank you (in Polish) to Santa

I came across the gratitude journal on the page of Greater Good which is made by the researchers from University California, Berkeley. The idea is simple – you should write down daily or weekly few things for which you are grateful. It might be something very important to you but also a small detail such as nice lunch. I would think that with time our brain will re-wire and we may look for positive things more automatically. Additionally reflecting on people or things for whom or which we are grateful we re-live the positive emotions that were connected to those particular situations and thus serve ourselves a healthy cocktail of good thoughts. (Is positive psychology the new kale?)

As a defensive pessimist and a sceptic I could not start writing the journal straight away. I needed to think it over, to analyse it almost like in a laboratory to see different reactions. I feel that writing the journal daily might be too often for me but I will see and adjust it on the way.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Paper animal bunting diy - free printables

Before his second brithday Hugo started to be very interested in the animal world. This year we continue with this birthday animadness making a room and birthday animal decoration. The pictures of the animals were taken by Hugo's dad and I edited them accordingly. You can download some of them from this post. There is also an instruction how to make the bunting included. I hope this idea will make more boys or girls smile. Happy crafting!

Monday, 22 December 2014

A Christmas Carol (e-card to download)

I would like to wish you all a happy holiday time. If you would like to please use the card that I made. The stars mean to me the magic of the festive time and the colours of the New Year. To make them I used pictures out of a kaleidoscope. A toy I love and keep coming back to.